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Director of Chaudigital Ltd, fine art print maker, Photoshop retoucher, tech head, guitarist, composer and former rock star ;), proud grandaddy to cinque bella bambinos. "Running water never goes stale. So you gotta just keep on flowing. Be water my friend"

BenQ PG2401PT – Colour Critical Monitor

The PG2401PT promises high end performance for modest money. Does it deliver?


A brief review:
Being a new name when it comes to colour critical professional monitors the BenQ PG2401PT finds itself up against the market leading models from the NEC Spectraview and Eizo CG ranges. I was intrigued when I read the impressive specs and price of the new BenQ Pro Graphics monitor and wanted to see how it fared against our long trusted Spectraview Reference screens. Continue reading

BounceLite flash diffuser has a bright future

bouncelite00Anyone familiar with Kickstarter will know it’s a great place to discover brilliant new ideas and this new photography accessory certainly fits the bill. The Fotocapio BounceLite was invented by Tony Chau, who found the limitations of current flash diffusers frustrating enough to design his own. His ideas for the solution were distilled through decades of frontline knowledge as a professional photographer and, more pertinently, after working with many of the diffusers currently available. You can read more about this simple, elegant invention and support the campaign on the Kickstarter page here. The project was also recently chosen as a Kickstarter Staff Pick.

Choosing rendering intents in printing

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 16.12.31

The question of choosing rendering intents in the Photoshop print dialogue is asked of us quite regularly so here is some info about how best to use these settings. The rendering intents are basically to tell the software how to handle colours in the file that may be out of the range of the output colour space aka target gamut (printer, ink & media combo). Continue reading

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